learn fire poi in Adelaide

INTERMEDIATE POI - Tricks and Frameworks

a course covering an introduction to some more complex frameworks of poi spinning and geometry, and fire spinning

Tricks and Frameworks

This course covers the a set of poi frameworks (stalls, hybrids and more)

Ideal for anyone that would like a wide arsenal of movements to develop as a poi spinner

This course runs for 8 weeks on a monday night at Point A | All ages [recommended 12+]

All equipment provided | pre-requisite: Beginner poi [or equivalent]

MONDAY next term: Jul 22
6 pm Poi 1.0 (Beginner) Staff 2.0 (Contact) Poi 2.0 (T/F) Hoop 2.0 (Intermediate)
7 pm Hoop 1.0 (Beginner) Poi 2.1 (Flowers) Staff 2.2 (Dragon Staff)
8 pm Staff 1.0 (Beginner) Advanced Poi
Sunday next term: Feb 3
5:30 pm Poi 1.0 (Beginner) Fire Eating (see facebook for details )
6:30 pm Staff 2.1 (Double Staff)
7:30 pm Poi 3.0 (Sequences / Transitions)