Learn Fire Spinning Poi


a course covering timing and direction, relativity, making flower patterns with poi, and fire spinning


This course covers poi flowers. Inspin, antispin, and frameworks for joining movements

Ideal for anyone that has used poi before; and wants a solid technical foundation for large flower patterns

This course runs for 8 weeks on a monday night at Point A | All ages [recommended 12+]

All equipment provided | pre-requisite: Beginner poi [or equivalent]

MONDAY next term: Jan 29th
6 pm Beginner Poi Contact Staff
7 pm Beginner Hoop Intermediate Poi T/F Intermediate Poi Flowers Dragon Staff
8 pm Beginner Staff Advanced Poi
Sunday next term: Jan 28
5:30 pm Beginner Poi Fire Eating (see facebook for details )
6:30 pm Double Staff Geometry
7:30 pm Int. Poi - Sequence / Transition